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Welcome on lily's water color gallery


20 february 2005
Two pastels added on gallery "other technics".


19 february 2005
Some additions of watercolours today.

A "pigeonnier", a master house and a "gabarre" (an old french river boat).

07 may 2004
Three sculptures have been added on the "other technics" gallery..

4 may 2004
Two sculptures have been added on the "other technics" gallery.

11 may 2003
The mountain gallery was completed with five water colors.

5 may 2003
A new gallery was added : the mountain gallery.

1 may 2003
Two "pigeonniers" have been added. They represent the Fayssac "pigeonnier" which was already on the gallery. We have now three representation, contributing to the great celebrity of it. The dovecote gallery was completed with an iris.

20 January 2003
The english part is on line.

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